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Technical Writing

Installing, Configuring, and Developing with XAMPP

Written for Skills Canada

This article explains the installation and configuration process of the XAMPP Apache distribution, and then provides a step-by-step tutorial on developing a simple address book program using the PHP programming language and MySQL database package.

You may download and read the article as a PDF document by following the link: Installing, Configuring, and Developing with XAMPP.

Response Magic: The Complete and In-Depth Guide

Written for Platinum Synergy Group

Response Magic is a contact management system developed by the Platinum Synergy Group.

Dalibor wrote the first and second editions of the user manual covering topics such as email and contact management, the import wizard and creating and reading CSV files, and generating sign-up forms.

Other Written Work

In addition to the mentioned work above, Dalibor has also written a number of other titles:

  • Technical documentation for Replication Magic; a self-replicating website web application
  • Technical documentation for The Grower; a customer tracking software for fruit and vegetable growers
  • User manual for Fast Track; a points-based customer tracking web application

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